Grief, Death and Love at Watershed

Grief, Death and Love at Watershed (19th/20th May)

Sat 19th – Sun 20th May

We present two important documentaries that explore a subject that impacts us all but which we would rather not have to think about: death. Whether sudden or anticipated, death is not the end. The death of a person leaves relatives and friends with a complex mix of emotions which may never be fully resolved. And for a person approaching their own death, they not only have to live with the people they share their lives with, but also with the gut-wrenching emotion of no longer being.

Is there a way in which both of these experiences can benefit from being shared? Should we be able to talk more openly about death and the range of emotions it initiates? These two documentaries bravely and in very different styles share those experiences. Island (Sat 19 May 14:30) follows four terminally ill cancer patients as they each approach the end of their lives whilst A Love That Never Dies (Sun 20 May 14:30) sees two parents grieve for their lost son by going on a road trip across the USA to find out how we grieve, why we grieve, and why we are afraid of those that are going through this process.

Both screenings will be followed by discussions with the filmmakers.

Grief, Death and Love at Watershed

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