A sad loss for our charity

We are sorry to report that a young woman who ran the Bristol Half Marathon in 2017 to raise money for our charity, has failed to hand over a single penny of the £840 that she received in sponsorship from her family and friends.

JustGiving have not been able to help us, even though the money was through a crowdfunding page on their website.

We reported this matter to the Police. Apparently, although they confirm that this is fraud, they do not have the resources to pursue this case, and have advised our charity to pursue this as a civil matter. Unfortunately, we do not have the time and financial resources to do this.

Having spent over 12 months politely asking this person to hand over the money we feel we can do little more. The best thing we can do, is to alert the public that things like this are happening to charities such as ours.

This is a large sum of money for our charity to lose. Sadly, it will deprive many bereaved people of the support they desperately need.

A sad loss for our charity

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