Every week we receive thank-you letters, cards and messages from people who we have worked with and helped.

Below are some of the lovely messages that we have received:-


“The support you gave me after the loss of my child helped me to put my anguish where it wouldn’t overwhelm me.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your support and helping to make my husband’s suicide more normal and acceptable. I’m doing okay! Something I didn’t think would be possible.”


“My experience and the help I received from Cruse made such a difference to my life without my dad. I am now able to move on and enjoy life again.”

“Thank you for letting me unpack all my pain, and enabling me to put everything back in the right place.  After falling apart so badly, I now I feel whole again”

“Thank you for the care and support you have given me over many, many months. I can honestly say that were it not for you and the group, I would not got through this. I hope one day to have the strength to support others as you do.”

“My mother got so much from you – friendship, a social, life, comfort, laughter, and a will to carry on after losing her brothers and sisters – THANK YOU!”

“Thank you for listening and keeping me safe so that I could grieve and accept the sadness without fear, and thanks for the time and care.”

“Thank you for all your support when I was lost and overwhelmed with the emotions I was feeling. It was great to talk to someone who was not a close friend or family member. Thank you for being there and being so supportive when my world turned upside down and I didn’t know which way was up”

“I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and safe space to share my thoughts about the death and how to support the rest of my family.”

“I found the group sessions very helpful and was impressed by the way your people set things up and facilitated everything that happens there. The atmosphere was relaxed and very welcoming. There was such sensitivity shown to all who came, particularly newcomers, who may have been vulnerable and found this difficult”

“You have shown me such wisdom, insight and sensitivity for which I am very grateful. You helped me see my situation completely differently and that was the breakthrough I needed” You shed light into the dark areas and helped me gain clarity.”